Hurricane Irma Debris Collection Update

Hallandale Beach has made good progress with its hurricane debris collection efforts. The City has completed the second pass citywide for vegetation debris. Please separate vegetation debris from bulk waste material.

Bulk waste material pick-up will begin on Tuesday October 24, 2017. Bulk material includes: household items such as, furniture, mattresses, tables, carpeting, wood fences, etc. do not place any items in black plastic bags they will not be picked up (cannot see what’s inside). Keep in mind, this collection is for hurricane related material ONLY.

What Not To Put Out For Collection:

Paint, solvents, household cleaners, chemicals, garbage, tires, batteries, liquid, vegetation debris, nor roofing material.
Staff has assessed all City streets to see how much debris is out there. Collection will be done street by street until all debris is collected. All debris MUST be to the curb by Friday October 27, 2017.

Hurricane debris collection will end Tuesday October 31, 2017 and normal scheduled pickup will resume on Thursday November 2, 2017.

Hurricane Bulk Debris Collection Schedule:
Southeast Section (City staff) – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday October 24, 25, and 26

Northeast Section (Contractor) – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, October 24, 25, and 26

Northwest Section (City staff) – Thursday, Friday, Saturday October 26, 27, and 28

Southwest Section (Contractor) – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday October 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28

The final pass will take place Monday and Tuesday October 30 and 31 Citywide.

For more information, please contact 954-457-1616


In an effort to being proactive towards keeping Hallandale Beach clean and beautiful, the City of Hallandale Beach would like to simplify all of the trash removal services so that every resident, business owner and tourist can contribute to Hallandale's beautiful cityscapes, parks and beaches.

Any additional questions please contact:
Sanitation Division (954)457-1616.

Trash Removal Services

Household Garbage

Household garbage and bulk trash are treated differently here in Hallandale Beach. Household garbage is picked up on a regular schedule.

View Schedule here:
Garbage Collection Schedule 

Bulk Trash

Bulk trash is picked up by request.Single family homes and apartments of four units or less may schedule one BULK TRASH pick up per unit per quarter. (IS THERE A CHARGE?)

January - March:             1st Quarter
April - June:                     2nd Quarter
July - September              3rd Quarter
October - December         4th Quarter

Placing bulk trash items on the street without a scheduled pick-up is considered illegal dumping and could result in a fine.

Please call (954) 457-1616 to schedule this service. 


...by not leaving bulk trash items on the street without calling for a pick-up.

…by not leaving yard trash such as palm fronts/tree debris, furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc. unless they are out for a scheduled pick up.

Please help us #keephbclean:

If you see something….say something. Use Facebook or Twitter to report any illegal dumping by tagging us at #keephbclean

If you believe bulk items have been illegally dumped on or near your property, please call the Hallandale Beach Police Department
(954) 764-4357 and  request a police report.   

Once you have the police report number, please call (954) 457-1616 to have the illegally dumped items removed at no charge to you.