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HBPD Programs
 * BEAT (Business Effort Against Theft)  * Crime Prevention Program D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)  * Neighborhood Crime Watch Program YCW (Youth Crime Watch)  * Volunteers In Police Service *  Police Explorers Program 



In this section, you will find helpful information for the different programs that the Police Department offers in Hallandale Beach. Please refer to the links on the left for the information contained in this section.

Contact Information
Questions about the following list of Community Policing Initiatives should be directed to Community Relations Coordinator, at (954) 457-1644.


BEAT (Business Effort Against Theft)
The BEAT program is a registration program for businesses listing the name of the owner, any illnesses, contact persons and telephone numbers in case of emergencies at the business location. The information is entered by decal number into a computer at the Police Station for easy access in emergencies.

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Crime Prevention Program
The Police Department has on staff Crime Prevention Practitioners (CPP's) as certified by the Florida State Attorney General’s Office, to conduct free crime prevention inspections to Hallandale Beach businesses and/or residential properties.

CPP's also schedule crime prevention presentations for groups for topics such as; frauds, scams, pedestrian safety, bank security, workplace violence, auto theft prevention, robbery prevention, business and retail theft, construction site security, hotel/motel security, etc. 

We have also provided links below that may be of interest to you for crime prevention information:

  • Crime Stoppers USA
  • Broward Crime Stoppers
  • National Crime Prevention Council 


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    D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
    The DARE Program provides educational programs to elementary school aged youths. School Resource Officer (SRO) Michael English presents a 15 to 45 minute presentation to each of the classes at Hallandale Elementary School about the misuse of drugs, personal safety, and violence.

    We have provided several links for the DARE Program to offer additional information:

    Official D.A.R.E. Website 

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    Neighborhood Crime Watch Program
    The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program is made up of citizens organized by neighborhoods, educated about crime prevention and trained to report suspicious or criminal activities to the Police Department. Meetings are open to the public and held on the first Wednesday of each month at a time and location to be announced.

    The Community Relations Coordinator, serves as liaison and will answer questions about participation in the program and scheduled dates and locations of meetings. He can be reached at (954) 457-1644.

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    YCW (Youth Crime Watch)
    The YCM program is for youths ages 11 through 14, designed to help build positive values and motivation toward responsible actions through an array of youth-initiated and youth-led activities. The activities are encouraged to help youths capitalize on their inherent desire to do well in school, be respected and to succeed in life. Leadership and guidance are provided to discourage crime and the use or sale of drugs.

    The YCW holds meetings every Wednesday at Peter Bluesten Park from 6 pm to 7 pm The meetings are scheduled by the youths and overseen by volunteers and School Resource Officer Michael English. The meetings are open to visitors.

    If you would like additional information, please call Officer English at (954) 323-5950.

    We have added a link which may be of interest to you: Youth Crime Watch of Florida

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    Volunteers In Police Service
    The Hallandale Beach Police Department's VIPS program consists of four separate programs implemented to provide a cost effective resource of additional manpower for the Police Department and to provide citizens an opportunity to utilize their abilities and skills for the betterment of the community through volunteer work.

    Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, submit a written application, be willing to submit to a background check and criminal history, have no criminal record, be in reasonably good health with their own health insurance, have a valid Florida drivers license, and be willing to sign a hold-harmless agreement. The four programs are:

    Volunteers for Administrative Assignments (VAA) allows citizens to provide part-time assistance to full-time police personnel with case closures, computer entry of parking tickets, help in reception area providing information to the public, records destruction, and other such general duties.

    Citizens Observer Patrol Program (COPP) volunteers citizens to take an active part in crime prevention in their own neighborhoods by becoming the eyes and ears of the Police Department. Volunteers are trained to recognize and report suspicious persons and activities.

    Parking Enforcement Specialists (PES) certified volunteers educate the general public and enforce parking codes within the City of Hallandale Beach. Volunteers are trained to enforce the applicable codes, use the necessary observational skills, and use the Police Radio.

    Traffic Monitoring Team (TMT) volunteers are trained to educate the general public about compliance with posted speed limits within the City of Hallandale Beach. Volunteers are also trained to set up and take down the SMART traffic radar units

    If you would like to volunteer or obtain additional information, please contact Volunteer Program Coordinator Sgt. Crevier, 954-457-1400. If you would like to fill out an application form on line and print to submit to the Police Department, click on: Volunteer Application Form

    The following links may be of interest to you also:

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    Police Explorers Program
    The Police Explorers Program is a volunteer program developed for youths between the ages of 14 and 21, enabling youths to learn about becoming a police officer. Youths study police codes, state statutes, and volunteer to work in the Police Department completing community service hours. They may advance through ranks, starting as an Explorer and advancing to Sergeant, Lieutenant or Captain. Volunteer police officers oversee the program.


    The Police Explorers Program works with teens and young adults by allowing them to work with law enforcement and other community advisers in a serious, regimented atmosphere where the students can demonstrate their personal initiative. The program offers young adults the opportunity to learn and experience lawful citizenship participating side-by-side with certified Hallandale Beach Police Officers in ongoing training and community service projects.


    Explorers receive training in basic law enforcement. They may have the opportunity to demonstrate their learned skills while competing against other Explorer programs throughout the county, state and/or nation during training seminars.

    Ride-Along Program

    Upon successful completion of the Explorer’s Academy, eight hours in the dispatch center, a valid Florida driver’s license and other requirements, an Explorer may participate in the ride-along program (active duty with a police officer). The explorer’s most important job will be to use his/her learned skills to serve their community and its citizens in a positive manner. Explorers must uphold high standards of paramilitary discipline, respect, honor and dedication to excellence in all areas of their lives.

    Policing Projects

    Explorers who complete their training participate in a variety of community policing projects including child fingerprinting, school safety seminars and crime prevention programs. They can also assist in various law enforcement details such as traffic control, etc. Explorers 16 years old and older may be scheduled to ride with a police officer from Uniformed Patrol during a normal shift period.

    Law Enforcement Explorers must commit time to the program and to the assistance of Hallandale Beach Police Officers. They must achieve and maintain satisfactory school grades and must make a conscientious effort to stay out of trouble. Candidates under the age of 18 must have the approval and cooperation of a parent or guardian.

    Police Explorers also have fun together. Besides the competitions with other Explorers around the state, they schedule moneymaking activities to pay for an annual canoe and camping trip.

    Public Notice
    2013 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program

    The Hallandale Beach Police Department is requesting public comment from all Hallandale Beach residents on the U.S. Department of Justice 2013 Byrne Justice Assistance Local Solicitation Grant Program.

    The Edward Byrne Justice Grant Program is a formula grant to cities and municipalities based on crime and statistics. The grant funds are allocated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and administered by the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO). Each jurisdiction proposes its own grant funded project and funds can be used for a variety of law enforcement programs and activities.

    The Hallandale Beach Police Department is eligible to receive $21,603.00 in grant funding through the 2013 JAG program. The Hallandale Beach Police Department plans to utilize funds to enhance equipment and technology in an effort to make our policing efforts more efficient and provide better service to all Hallandale Beach residents.

    All comments should be received in the Office of the Chief in writing by July 14, 2013 to:
    Hallandale Beach Police Department
    400 South Federal Highway
    Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009

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