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Hallandale Beach Boulevard Corridor Revitalization Plan

Hallandale Beach Boulevard Corridor Revitalization Study

2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Workshops

2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Workshops



Moratorium – Dispensing Organizations (Cannabis)

The City of Hallandale Beach has declared a 180 day Zoning in Progress Moratorium regarding dispensing organizations, effective June 17, 2016. Any and all permits relative to dispensing organizations will not be approved pursuant to Article III, Section 32-966(g) of the City’s Code of Ordinances. The Moratorium will allow the City time to evaluate and implement, if necessary, new and amended regulations in regards to this matter. Please refer to the Declaration below for further information. 

Declaration of 180 day Zoning Moratorium Order signed by City Manager 

Recent Code Amendments

Vacation Rentals

In the City of Hallandale beach, a vacation rental is a single family house or dwelling unit located in an area zoned RS-5, RS-6 or RS-7 that also: 
  • Rents to guests more than three times in a calendar year for time periods less than 1 calendar month; or,
  • Is advertised or held out to the public as a place regularly rented to guests.

Earlier this year, the City Commission adopted rules to protect the character of established neighborhoods. These regulations deal specifically with short-term vacation rentals, and encourage them to be safe and well-maintained.
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