Inspections Information

Scheduling Inspections

  1. Inspection Requests are called into Building Division (954) 457-2220  and dial OPTION 1 for Inspections line prior to 5:00 pm the day before inspection day. Provide the following information: Permit Number, Inspection Type, Job Site Address, Return Phone Number, and access instructions.
  2. Inspection Requests may be scheduled  online via the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal prior to 5:00 pm the day before inspection day 
  3. Building Inspectors normally leave the office to perform inspections by 730 am.
  4. An inspection may be canceled online via the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal prior to 4:00 pm the day before inspection day. Any time after you must call the inspection line at (954) 457-2220 dial OPTION 1 to schedule your inspection for a later day.
Building Safety Inspection Program

Timed inspections are not generally available and need to be arranged directly with the inspector; on a needs basis and as time permits. Call before 7:30 am on the day of the inspection. 

Checking Inspection Results

  • Inspection Results are available online at the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal.
  • Provide a valid email to one of the permit clerks, for an automated email of inspection results. 
  • Inspection results can be obtained by phoning a permit clerk at (954) 457-2220 and OPTION 1 for our Inspection line. 
  • Inspection Cards must be readily available onsite for the inspector to sign off.

40 Year Building Safety Inspection Program

The 40 year and older Building Safety Inspection Program was created in 2005 and has become effective throughout Broward County in January 2006. Modeled after Miami-Dade County’s program, which was established in the mid-1970s, Broward’s program calls for structural and electrical safety inspections for buildings 40 years old or older and every ten years thereafter. One and two-family dwellings, U.S Government, State of Florida buildings, schools under the jurisdiction of the B.C. School Board and buildings built on Indian Reservations are exempt from this program. Miami-Dade County’s effort exempts other buildings under 2,000 square feet while the Broward program excludes all buildings under 3,500 square feet. Both Counties have had instances of structural building failures. By having such a program in effect we are minimalizing the possibilities of future building failure and will be better prepared for hurricane winds.

Broward County 40 Year Building Safety Inspection Program Policy