Please be aware you may be subject to a $100.00 Civil Citation and the $100.00/per day fine for bulk trash placed out of schedule. If trash is not removed after warning by the City, the City will have the garbage removed. The cost of removal will be billed to the water bill or, if the issue is on a vacant lot, it will be placed on the tax roll for collection. This penalty is in addition to the $100.00 Civil Citation and the $100.00/per day fine.  The $100.00/per stops as soon as the work order is completed by DPW Staff.

  • Residents must place vegetation and bulk trash debris in the swale/curbside area by 7:00 am on their designated Monday. Once the truck goes up and down the street it will not return until the next scheduled collection week. If your trash is left out after your section is completed, you may be issued citation for violations.
  • There are code violations for putting out trash outside of the scheduled time or if trash volume is too large. The penalties are a $100 ticket with $100/day until property is compliant.
  • Storm drains are not trash cans.  Did you know you could get a $500 ticket if you litter the streets?
  • Avoid a fine by putting out garbage cans and pulling them back in after pickup on your scheduled days.

For questions about fines, please call Code Compliance at (954) 457-1390.