Condominium Registration

Condominium Associations, Multi-Family Homeowner, and Cooperative Apartment Associations operating their property within the City of Hallandale Beach are required to complete an annual registration in accordance to Section 9-9 and 9-10 of the City's Code of Ordinances. Properties exempt from rental registration include Homeowner Associations consisting exclusively of single-family homes.

A list of Facilities that have registered and submitted their supporting electronic submittals can be viewed here.

Please click here to view the notice regarding amendments to ordinance no. 2022-007 sent to all condominium, mulit-family homeowner, and cooperative apartment associations. 


Application Form

New Condo Appliction Formv1

Renewal Form

Condo Renewal Application Formv1

Registration Process

  1. Complete Application
Complete the Condominium Registration form.

Review the list of documents required to submit before you begin your registration process.

The following information will be required as part of the registration process. You will be required to email the information along with your application. Please ensure all required information is legible and readable when emailed.
  1. Name of the association.
  2. Business address and the legal description of properties governed by the association.
  3. Name and contact information for the property manager or designated contact person for the association.
  4. A list of all officers and directors of the association with contact information.
  5. Website of the association, if any.
  6. An impression of the corporate seal of the association, if any.
  7. A legible copy of the by-laws and the rules and regulations of the association.
  8. A list of planned capital projects, if any, from the date of application through January 1 of the following year.
  9. A copy of the adopted annual budget.
  10. A copy of the recorded declaration of condominium and any amendments.
  11. Specify the location where all building permits for work in common areas shall be posted during construction.
  12. A listing of pending litigation, if any.
  13. Contact information for insurance agent, if any.
  14. The date of original building certification.
  15. The status of recertification. Association will indicate either:
    • Recertification not yet required;
    • Recertification is in process (due within one year but not yet past due); or
    • Recertification past due.
  16. A copy of any report of a professional engineer or architect concerning the structural, electrical or life safety conditions of a building within the control of the association issued within the previous year.

2. Email Application  ​

E-mail Submittals
: E-mail completed application(s) with required documents as listed above to

If your documents exceed the capacity to send through regular email, please use a file sharing service.  The following webpage offers free file sharing services

3. Applications Under Review

Staff will review your application, enter your information into our system which will generate an invoice that will be emailed back to the requestor. Please allow (2) business days to hear back from us.

 Condominium Registration Fees 
 Condominium Registration Fee  $150.00
 Annual Processing Fee  $150.00

4. Payment

Once you have received an email with your approval confirmation and a bill for the registration fee. Please make your payment on our online payment portal at or by phone at 1-866-819-0126 by entering your "Customer ID"  found on your bill. 

5. Confirmation 

After you have paid your outstanding invoices.  Please email us at to let us know your invoice has been paid. 

An email confirmation will be sent back acknowledging your email has been received and information should appear under our list of registered condominium registration. 


Operating without a Condominium Registration is a violation of Chapter 9  of the City of Hallandale Beach Code of Ordinance.  Any association that fails to file the required registration or renewal will first be issued a warning providing 30 days to file the registration or renewal.  The following penalty schedule will be enforced for any association found not in compliance:

Registration is not filed within 30 days
Registration is not filed within 60 days

To report any concerns regarding your condominium or Co-Op's registration, documentation submitted, please visit our MyHB App or email us at
Mail to:
City of Hal
landale Beach– Code Compliance Division
Attn: Vacation Rental License
400 S. Federal Highway
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
Drop off: You may alternatively visit our office at 400 S. Federal Highway between 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m (Monday thru Friday).]