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The following Parking Rates are Effective December 1, 2021:

Parking Rates

Discounts/ Free Parking

Monthly Parking Pass Discount for Seniors, Disabled Persons, and Veterans

The City offers qualified resident Seniors, Disabled Persons and Veterans a discount of 25% off the Resident Zone Parking Pass

On-Street Parking Spaces

Per Florida law 316.1964, drivers of vehicles displaying a disabled parking permit or license plate are allowed to park for free up to four (4) hours in any on-street parking space, unless signage posted restricts the time to park. For example, if the signage establishes a three-hour time limit, then the driver is allowed to park for a maximum of three hours. After the time limit expires, the driver must pay the established parking rate or move the vehicle from the parking space.

City Beach Parking Lots

Drivers of vehicles displaying a disabled parking permit or license plate are also allowed to park for free for up to four hours in designated handicap space. These vehicles may also park for free in any space in the facility for up to four hours if there is no designated handicap space available at that time. 

City Park Parking Lots

The City does not charge for parking at City Parking Lots at the City Hall complex, Library, City Parks, and at other City-run facilities with parking lots.  Parking in these lots is free of charge while using the facilities.  City Parking Lots are for facility users only.

Should you choose to park your vehicle in metered parking spaces along the street on the perimeter of public spaces, you will have to pay for parking.

Holiday Flat Rate Parking

Holiday Flat Rate Parking of $20 per day is in effect Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day weekends at North City Beach Park and South City Beach Park.  For more information visit Holiday Flat Rate Parking.