The Grants Division provides grant oversight to ensure that necessary grant functions are appropriately organized, coordinated, controlled, and evaluated. 


Grant Research and Referrals


Research is primarily conducted through eCivis, a licensed grant research engine tool. 


Other grant seeking tools:

  • www.Grants.gov (free) - Grants.gov is a governmental resource to locate and apply for federal grants. 

Grant Writing

In order to support Departments with their grant writing efforts, outsourced grant writing is offered. The Grants Division coordinates consultant writing assignments and oversees the grant writing process.


Accounting & Compliance


The Grants Division is responsible for grant accounting and financial oversight. An effective accounting process facilitates the audit of federal and state grant transactions; and the preparation of the annual Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards and Financial Assistance (SEFA). Compliance is a shared responsibility between the Grants Division and City Departments. 


Disaster Cost Recovery

The Grants Division is also tasked with disaster cost recovery after an emergency and/or disaster.  The Grants Division coordinates with all City Departments to gather, review, and assemble all documentation needed for reimbursement of City costs.



Training is provided to Department Grant Liaison’s throughout the year in various seminars, workshops, webinars and/or one-to-one instruction.