Special Event Permit Application Process

Application Process

*Complete applications for a temporary use/special use permit shall be submitted to the city not less than 45 days or if city commission approval is required, 60 days, prior to each permitted temporary use. City Commission notice is required for a temporary use of significant scale, such as a concert, parade, or carnival.

(a) Concerts ending after midnight shall require city commission approval.

(b) Events lasting more than 30 days shall require city commission approval.

(c)The use of temporary cargo containers pursuant to Section 32-702(a)(5) shall require city commission approval.

The City may impose conditions to mitigate any negative impacts and to protect the public health and welfare.

All temporary use/special event permit applications shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(1) Event dates.

(2) Nature of event.

(3) The number of expected attendees (vendors and support staff).

(4) Specific hours of operation.

(5) Notarized statement from property owner authorizing the proposed temporary use on the property.

(6) Alcohol distribution requested, if applicable.

(7) A site plan, which shows the location, layout of the event, and pedestrian circulation pattern.

(8) A list of all temporary structures to be used during the event, including signs, tents, booths, concession areas, trailers, cargo containers, waste removal facilities, sanitary facilities, utilities, such as temporary electrical and telephone facilities, emergency medical facilities, carnival rides, fencing, and any other information requested by the city. All temporary structures require a separate permit, unless expressly exempt by other city, county or state regulations. Proof of application for permits as required for the operation of temporary uses should be provided upon application for the temporary use permit.

(9) General liability insurance or indemnification declaration.

(a) A temporary use permit holder for events held on city property shall provide comprehensive general liability insurance in an amount determined by the city. Proof of such insurance, naming the city as an additional insured party, shall be provided to the city prior to the issuance of a temporary use permit.

(b) A temporary use permit holder for events held on city property shall indemnify and hold the city harmless on forms approved by the city attorney and the risk management department.

(10) Other reasonable information deemed by the city manager to be necessary for an adequate evaluation of the proposed event.

Temporary use-Special Event Permit Application

Temporary use-Special Event Permit Requirements

*Applications missing required information as stated above under 1-9 will not be accepted/processed. 

Conditions for Permit Approval

A temporary use permit shall be issued upon the city commission or city manager's determination as may be applicable that:

(1) The temporary use application is complete in all material respects, and all information contained therein is accurate.

(2) All conditions set forth in the conditions imposed by the city, if any, have been fully met and all laws complied with.

(3) The temporary use will not interfere with or unduly burden the city's provisions of municipal services to the community, including but not limited to police, fire, emergency medical services, water and sanitary sewer service and solid waste removal.

(4) The areas utilized for any temporary use will be cleaned following any temporary use, and in all respects restored to a clean condition within 24 hours after the close of the event.

(5) Surrounding and nearby properties are suitably protected from adverse conditions that may reasonably be expected to result from the proposed use.

(6) The proposed use is not likely to create hazardous vehicular or pedestrian traffic conditions, or result in traffic in excess of the capacity of streets serving it.

(7) Adequate off-street parking is available.

(8) All other applicable laws and regulations of the city and of any other regulatory body or agency have been complied with.

(9) The health, safety and welfare of the public are not threatened in any way by the conduct of the temporary use.

10) Payments due to the City, if any, are paid in full.

The city may require that, as a condition precedent to issuance of a temporary use permit, the applicant pay to the city its cost in providing services in support of the temporary use, and may require that the applicant pay a user fee for the use of public property. 

A refundable security bond, or similar financial pledge, may be required in an amount to be determined by the development services department director or designee to ensure that any damage that occurs during the temporary use is repaired and the premises returned to their previous condition.

Each applicant shall submit a non-refundable application fee with the initial application to help defray the city's cost of processing the application and coordinating with the relevant city services and personnel. The fee for an annual event permit shall be established by resolution. Fees, penalties and appeals are outlined in Section 32-709 of the City Code.

The city manager reserves the discretion to deny any application for a temporary use permit.  A temporary use permit may be revoked by the city manager for failure of the special permit holder to comply with any of the provisions of this division or any other local, state or federal law governing the event. A temporary use permit may also be revoked by the city manager if such revocation is in the best interest of the city, based on emergency, disorder or other unforeseen condition in order to maintain the public safety, health and welfare of its citizens.

Revocation of an annual temporary use permit shall apply to all subsequent events approved on the annual temporary use permit.

All temporary use signage and advertising shall be immediately removed upon revocation of related temporary use permit.

The areas authorized by the city commission for an annual temporary use permit, including the use of temporary cargo containers, shall be restored to its original condition or sodded if the area was vacant. All above-ground improvements, if any, installed in connection with annual permits shall be removed within 30 days of expiration or revocation of the permit.