Food Truck/ Food Vendor Requirements

The State of Florida regulates mobile Food Service Vendors.  All food service vendors must have a current license.  For more information visit food truck licenses or food service permits.

The State of Florida also requires a Temporary Food Service Event License for any event of 30 days or less where food is prepared, served or sold to the general public (with some exceptions).  Their Temporary Food Service Checklist lists all requirements for event food service.

For events in City Facilities or on public property please follow the Food Truck Insurance Requirements.  Vendors will also be required to provide a copy of their current food service license or permit.

The Fire Marshal will be onsite to verify compliance with all Fire regulations including the following:

Proper separation of cooking operations from buildings, combustible materials, vehicles, and other cooking operations.

Proof of a suppression system service and professional cleaning completed within 6 months of event.

Proof of a gas/ propane leak test completed onsite by a licensed service company on the day of the event.

A class K and an ABC fire extinguishers is required in each truck (total 2).

All LP tanks are properly secured.