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Public Notice

Public Notice

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The City is soliciting public comment on the project. Persons wanting to submit written comments on the application should send them to Noemy Sandoval, Grants Manager at, or by mail to 400 S. Federal Highway | Hallandale Beach, FL 33009 no later than June 29, 2020.

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Please call (954) 457-1616 to reach us for assistance

Throughout this health crisis, our Public Works staff has been on the job throughout the COVID-19 crisis.  

Our Public Works team makes sure the City’s main infrastructure is maintained and upgraded on a regular basis.  We’re responsible for the maintenance and beautification of city facilities, quality water, efficient sanitation and recycling, sewer and storm water services, cemetery services, fleet maintenance, engineering and project management and sustainability programs.


Garbage, Trash & Recycling 

Our garbage, trash & recycling operations continue as normal.  Please visit our garbage, trash & recycling website for more information.  All pick-ups continue on normal schedule. 

Green Initiatives 

 The Green Initiatives programs include the following:

  • Water and Energy Conservation
  • Sustainability Education and Public Events
  • Plastic Pollution Reduction
  • Ocean Friendly Landscaping Rebate
  • Climate Change Resilience

Flood Protection Information

 The City participates in the Community Rating System (CRS) Program administered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NIFP).  Participation in the program assures that the City performs a variety of activities to inform the public about flooding and provides assistance to mitigate flooding in the City.  The activities include but are not limited to: 

  • Public Information Outreach
  • Maintenance of Storm-drain System
  • Flood Insurance Promotion
  • Flood Response Preparation 


  • Permit review of construction in the City’s right-of-way
  • Permit review from FP&L, Telecommunication and Gas companies
  • Reviews and enforces environmental laws and regulations pertaining to ground and surface water pollution
  • Managing a number of Capital Improvement Projects


The City of Hallandale Beach offers full cemetery services for both Hallandale Beach residents and non-residents.  

  • Pre-Need Burial Space Purchase
  • Burial Service
  • Grave Markers
  • Perpetual Care of Cemetery Grounds

Street Maintenance

  • Street/sidewalk repair
  • informational signs replacement and repair
  • streetlight repair 

Water Utility 

The City of Hallandale Beach operates a municipal water utility.  We’re responsible for municipal water production and distribution.  In addition, we provide water infrastructure maintenance, wastewater, and storm water services. Visit for more info about our toilet rebate program. You may be eligible for up to $100 to replace your old, high water use toilets/

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