Innovation Technology Services

We value connecting with our public.  Listed below are various services we offer to the public:

Unified Communication Services

Notify Me

This is a free, subscription-based service designed to keep you informed of the latest happenings, events, news for the City of Hallandale Beach. The public is encouraged to subscribe to get content updates delivered via e-mail or text message. Click here for more information.

Social Media

Your engagement makes the City of Hallandale Beach a better place. Join the conversation with our multi-channel social media team to learn about what the City does each day, and how you can become part of the discussion. Like us on Facebook or follow us via Twitter.

HBTV & Online Streaming

HBTV is the local government television channel for the City of Hallandale Beach.  HBTV provides real-time streaming video of local government programming 24 hours a day. Programming includes live coverage of government meetings, and a wide variety of locally produced program about public services, facilities, employees, officials, and events.


Vendors & Procurement

From time to time, the City may partner with vendors to fulfill its responsibilities.  Potential vendors may register online using the Vendor Self Service page.  To register as a vendor, click here.  Be sure to include pertinent documents such as the W9 and include specific commodity codes pertinent to your business.

Utility Billing Online Payment Portal

The City provides a payment portal for City Utility payments.  Through Citizen Self Service, users have the ability to pay for services via credit cards. Click here to visit the Utility Billing Customer Self Service Portal.

Transparency Portal

In an effort to provide maximum transparency, the City has made available the following portal page for city stakeholders to access 24/7.   Users are able to view the Hallandale Beach Citizen Transparency Tool and review budgeted expenditures and revenues, the current strategic Priorities and view the Performance Measurement Dashboard to review the monthly accomplishments by all City Departments. Click here to view transparency portal.


Mobile & Software Apps

MyHB App

MyHB is a multi-platform solution for providing residents, businesses and visitor’s instant access to a set of Hallandale Beach provided services, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. With this smartphone app, service requests (potholes, noise complaints, dangerous conditions, etc) can be submitted directly to the appropriate local government department. The app will know exactly where the issue is (using the GPS feature on your phone) and you can even submit a picture of the problem. This means your service requests will be responded to quickly and efficiently, and you'll be able to track your issues until the instant they are resolved!  Download the MyHB app via Apple App Store or Google Play

MyHB City Clerk App

The MyHB City Clerk App is designed to keep residents and business owners engaged with the Office of the City Clerk. Use this application to manage public record requests, public comments, Visitor Tracker, Calendar and About Us.  Staying connected with our community is key.  Download the MyHB City Clerk app via Apple App Store or Google Play.

MyHB GIS Projects App

Our MyHB GIS Projects App allows users to use on-line GIS tools to view current development projects on a map using your any device with html browser. To use, just click here and you will be able to view the various projects that are under planning or construction phase.  Users are able to turn on/off layers to filter specific data elements being researched.  Our goal is to provide transparency and keep the community informed.