Have other questions regarding your bills?

Our staff is here to help. We are available to answer questions regarding your bill, account balances, payment options, and more. Please contact us at (954) 457-1369 or email us at accountsreceivable@cohb.org

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1. What bills are under General Billing category?
2. When is my bill due?
3. How can I pay my bill?
4. How can I make a change to my mailing address?
5. I have older invoices due. How will my payment be applied?
6. When I processed my payment. Is that payment posted on my account immediately?
7. I processed my payment yesterday, but the charge is not posted on my bank account/credit card statement yet. Why?
8. Why do I have multiple customer numbers (CID)?
9. Have other questions regarding your bills?
10. What is the City Fiscal Year?