What is the hiring process?
Depending on the position, after an application has been submitted online, each candidate will receive a confirmation notice advising him/her that the application was received. Personnel reviews each application to ensure that candidates meet the established minimum requirements. If minimum requirements are met, the application is forwarded to the hiring manager for further consideration. The hiring manager will schedule interviews with selected candidates. Candidates are ranked through the interview process and employment offers are made to the candidate who is the best fit for the open position. The Personnel Department will schedule a pre-employment physical/drug test or other testing as requested by the hiring manger. All new hires serve a nine-month probationary period. Police Officers and Firefighters serve a one-year probationary period.

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1. What positions are currently avaliable?
2. What is the hiring process?
3. What type of benefits does the City offer?
4. Where do I send my application and/or resume for a job posting?
5. Can I apply online?
6. If hired, when am I eligible for health and/or dental benefits?
7. What are the procedures for obtaining a Florida Commercial Driver's License (CDL)?
8. How can I find out about City of Hallandale Beach job opportunities?
9. Do you accept applications for positions that are not currently open?
10. Do I have to be a resident of Hallandale Beach in order to apply for employment?
11. Can my application be put towards more than one job?
12. Do you make reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities?
13. What are the penalties for exaggerating or falsifying information and documents contained with my employment application?
14. How long must I wait before I know whether my application has been accepted?
15. What if I do not see the job I was searching for posted?
16. Will my past employment and credentials be verified?
17. Will the privacy of my application be maintained?
18. How will I know if I have been selected for an interview?
19. What if I am offered a job with the City of Hallandale Beach?