S.E. 8th Street - Speed Table Survey

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It has been requested that the City of Hallandale Beach install speed tables on S.E. 8th Street, between Federal Highway and S.E. 1st Avenue, to slow down traffic using this roadway.

A speed table causes a gentle rocking motion in a vehicle driving over it which results in most vehicles slowing to near 15 MPH at the speed table. Speed tables are becoming more common as a means to slow traffic on residential streets.

It is important to note, speed tables will increase the amount of time Fire Rescue and Police units take to access the area around the speed tables during an emergency. If the majority of residents who would be impacted vote in favor of the proposal, speed tables will be installed on S.E. 8th Street.

Please complete this survey providing all information requested below by June 28, 2019 and indicate your preference "YES" or "NO" to the proposed installation of these speed tables.

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Thank you for your time in responding to our survey. The results of the survey will be available after July 5, 2019.


Peter Kunen, P.E.
Assistant Director of Public Works/City Engineer

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